Frequently Asked Questions

What is your season of operation?
May through October, weather permitting.
What are your hours?

By appointment, noon – midnight, 7 days a week, weather permitting.  Walk-up rides are available as our schedule allows. Looking for a quieter time? Book an evening or weekday ride.

Morning hours are available by special request. Call 651-439-1783 to make an appointment.


When do the Fall colors peak?

The peak color season for Stillwater is usually the end of September through the first two weeks in October, but the colors will continue to change after that.

Can we bring a picnic or a beverage on our ride?
Absolutely. You are invited to bring food and beverages to enjoy on your ride. Alcoholic beverages are permitted.
Why do you need a phone call if I book a ride that will start soon?

If your cruise starts in 3 hours or less from the time you book it, please give us a call at 651-439-1783 so we can alert the gondolier.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once booked, all reservations are non-refundable. You may change the date and time of your scheduled ride up to 72 hours before it is scheduled. No changes are allowed after 72 hours before the booked ride.

However, the gondolier will decide if rain or unsafe weather should be a factor in canceling a ride. If Gondola Romantica cancels a ride, we will re-book it at the earliest opportunity or issue a gift certificate good for one year.

Will my cruise be private?
Any booked cruise is a private cruise, reserved just for your party. Unscheduled walk-up rides are public rides.
Are gift certificates available?
Yes – they’re very popular as wedding, anniversary and birthday gifts. To order, call 651-439-1783 or book online.
How many people will a gondola hold?
Up to six passengers.
Are gondolas safe?
Yes. These boats have evolved over 1,000 years – and when a style of boat is around for that long, any problems are worked out! The gondola will not flip over like a canoe – it will always right itself due to its asymmetrical design.
How is "gondola" pronounced?
Europeans say GON′-dб-la, and Americans say gon-DŌ′-la. Both pronunciations are correct – same word, same meaning. The root word translates as “a basket that carries things.”
How do you steer a gondola?
Steering a gondola is very much like steering a canoe. For example, if you paddle a canoe from the back and on the right side, the canoe drifts to the left. At the end of each stroke, you do a J or C stroke to pull the canoe back to the right. In a gondola, the gondolier pushes the oar back for power, and on the return stroke he keeps the oar in the water. The amount of resistance put on the oar on the return is the equivalent to a J or C stroke that pulls the gondola back to the right.
Where did you get your gondolas?
In Venice, Italy. See About Us for the full story.
What are the gondolas made out of?
The gondolas are made out of 8 different kinds of wood, all for a specific reason: 1. Larch. 2. Fir. 3. Oak. 4. Elm. 5. Cherry. 6. Mahogany. 7. Lime. 8. Walnut.
How long is a gondola?
Approximately 36 feet long and 4 feet wide.
Couple on gondola cruise in Stillwater

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