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We’re Open Now!

Thanks to the great Spring weather, we’ve opened a little early this year. Trees and plants are budding open, creating a lacey canopy. It’s a great time of the year to enjoy the river!

We’ve updated the full moon dates for this year. Full moon times are really magical on the river, so check our dates for great times for evening cruises. The days just before and just after the full moon are equally wonderful. We have cozy comforters for those nights that turn a bit chilly.

Enjoy the romance of Venice blended with the beauty of the St. Croix River and the charm of Stillwater.

Plan an especially romantic proposal, celebrate a birthday, wedding or anniversary, or just get away to a relaxing cruise on the river. You can book a sunlit daytime cruise or a moonlit evening cruise.

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We can’t even begin to express how wonderful our gondola romantica ride was!  It was definitely the highlight of our trip and one we plan to do again.  Ramo was so very informative, not too much so that it invaded our romantic interlude, but just as much as we wanted.

There is not a thing we would suggest changing and we will definitely be back as well as recommend this to all of our friends.

Dan & Ramona


We had a gondola ride with Noah on Friday at 9 pm and it was perfect! We were celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary and both my husband and I agree that the best part of celebrating in Stillwater was the gondola ride. Noah was so polite and professional, but still fun. The ride was beautiful and when he starting singing it was over the top great!

Thanks Gondola Romantica for an amazing evening!



Thank you for an unforgettable night! I can imagine that there are many couples who get engaged on your boat 🙂 but I hope that you were blessed in a special way this evening!

Thank you for your services to us!  We are probably getting married over Thanksgiving weekend of this year 🙂 God bless!

Will and Jennifer

The Dock Cafe

Several of our cruises include meals at the Dock Café, with its wonderful riverside deck. Our close relationship with them allows us to coordinate your meal and your cruise. Vegetarian options are available.

Or Picnic as You Cruise

While your gondolier quietly rows behind you, enjoy a gourmet picnic provided by us or bring your own picnic and beverage.

Comfortable Seating

You’ll find sinking into our cushioned seats very relaxing. If the night turns a little cool, we provide down comforters for snuggling.

Things to Do in Stillwater

We launch from Stillwater, a cozy community situated between the bluffs along the river valley and located just 20 miles east of downtown St. Paul and 26 miles from downtown Minneapolis. With its many B&Bs, eateries, antique shops, and art and book dealers, Stillwater is a favorite tourist destination.

Make a day or weekend of your trip to Stillwater – it’s packed with things to do.

One of our favorite attractions is the Stillwater Trolley – complete your river tour by getting a 45 minute narrated land-based tour of Stillwater.

Find out more about what’s available in Stillwater.

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Photo Credits: wedding couple: Jaimee Morse, close up of sea horse on gondola: Andrews Photography

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